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I am a multi-cultural, passionate creative with 15+ years of diverse experience. 


My areas of expertise include graphic & website design, illustration, freelance writing, and videography.

In my years of professional work, I have excelled both individually and in a team environment.  Major achievements include restructuring a large design department to improve creativity and efficiency; having my illustrations and paintings recognized, exhibited, and purchased internationally; and amassing a social media following over 20,000 strong.


However, I am always striving to become more and I feel my greatest achievement will always be on the horizon.

Hallie Elizabeth resides in a small Californian town nestled between the mountains and the sea.  Calling an eclectic bungalow her home, she relishes each day with the love of her life, two small rabbits, and a curated altar that houses countless crystals and the ashes and bones of those nearest to her who have died. 

Adorned in flowing clothing, an array of rings, and draped in necklaces, she fancies herself a modern-day alchemist; one who is always transforming pain into beauty.


the high priestess


the chariot

I am open to work, commissions, and general adventures. 


Reach out anytime and say:

  • PORTFOLIO (the star)

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  • JOURNAL (the moon)

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