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about hallie

Hello.  My name is Hallie Elizabeth.  I am a modern day alchemist; I believe in constantly transforming that which no longer serves me into something of greater value, in order to always continue creating, learning, and growing. 


I am an artist and a graphic designer.


I have always felt strongly about making the world a better place by being an artist. Through my art, I hope to reach and help others, so they may find their own growth, confidence, and happiness.

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artist's statement

The style of my artwork is deeply influenced by the love & heartbreak I have felt in my life, my illnesses & injuries, nature, witchcraft, and the enigmatic quality of my dreams.  Primarily depicting female energy blended with the cosmos and other organic elements, each of my works are introspective, intimate and haunting self explorations.  While each piece should be interpreted subjectively, they all carry undertones of death, rebirth, love, hope, sensuality, the occult, and pain.

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